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The Inverness Yacht Club (IYC) serves as a base for adult and youth activities, both on and off the water, for the Inverness - Pt. Reyes community. The club is an all-volunteer organization, relying on its members to keep the club operational. Volunteer service includes every aspect of the club.  Club members tend the facility, pitch-in on work days, organize social events, oversee the Racing, Adult Boating, and Youth Sailing programs, contribute to a monthly newsletter,  help with our ships store which sells clothing and related items, and more. Every member is expected to participate in some way. The membership is made up of permanent and part-time residents of West Marin, as well as families and individuals living farther afield who don’t mind the lovely drive to the club.

Activities include sailing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, fishing and just about anything that can be done on the water and in a boat. The club’s fleet is large and varied, ranging from sailboats with keels down to paddle boards and everything in between. All boats are dry-sailed, meaning launched using hoists on the club’s docks.  The club dock is a wonderful perch on the bay and a great place to take a swim on a hot summer day.  

A sizable amount of time is spent relaxing and socializing with other members and guests. IYC is very much a family-oriented organization, with dependent children treated as part of a membership.  Many adult members of IYC began their relationship with the club decades ago, when they were children. It is fair to say that club membership spans generations.  One aspect of membership is that couples hold a single membership, but are treated as individuals for purposes of voting and holding office.

“The Mission of the IYC Adult Sailing program is to maximize the number of adult sailors at the Club, and to encourage members who do not own boats to sail on our bay. The Adult Sailing Lesson Program is one way for novice sailors to qualify and take advantage of the club owned boats through the Checkout Program.”

—  Ned Congdon, Chair of Adult Sailing


If you are curious about the Inverness Yacht Club and want to learn more, you are welcome to come to one of our open houses.  These events are held on the second Saturday of every month from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.*  If you live in the surrounding community, you may see people you already know.  If you live beyond the villages of Inverness and Pt. Reyes Station is a great way to get a close look at who we are and enjoy firsthand the club’s sublime setting and friendly atmosphere. 

-- Inverness YC Commodore

* These gatherings are occasionally subject to cancellation.  Prior to attending, please check the club Event Calendar to see if that month’s open house is on.


Founded in July of 1912, for the promotion of sailing and motor boating on Tomales Bay and the purpose of furnishing a social and civic center for Inverness. The clubhouse will provide, besides the usual facilities for the storage of boats, etc., a large hall and other rooms suitable for entertainments, dances and public meetings.

Dr. Wm. M Mason
Secretary, Inverness Yacht Club, 1912


12852 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard

on Tomales Bay


P.O. Box 186

Inverness CA 94937-186

House Telephone: 415.669.7184


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COMMODORE: Ben Ballard

VICE COMMODORE: Anna-Pia Slothower


TREASURER: Steve Caletti

SECRETARY: David Baldwin

MEMBERSHIP: Joey Heusler & Susanna Smedley Crowley,

HOUSE CHAIR: Michael Vurek,

RENTAL CHAIR: Ramon Cadiz,

PORT CAPTAINS: Milly & Richard Biller,


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