IYC Youth Sailing Instructor Application Guidelines


Instructor Application Form (due 11:59 pm October 15, 2021)

The Inverness Yacht Club prides itself in recruiting a highly talented group of instructors including individuals who have been through the IYC Youth Sailing Program as well as those who bring experience from other programs. Every year, the Club seeks to find a group of instructors who will both complement the goals of the Youth Sailing Program and will fit and work well together as a team. The instructors who are offered a position are required to be members of US Sailing and have current certificates in First Aid and CPR. Instructors must have a  California Boater Card and have passed the US Sailing Level One Instructor Certification Course prior to the start of the first day of Session One. 

Positions for Head Instructor, Assistant Head Instructor, instructor, and Counselor-In-Training (CIT) are available. Instructors have a choice of working one three-week session or both sessions. Their online application should specify which they prefer and if they would accept employment if they are only hired for a single session. The Youth Sailing Committee has the discretion of offering employment for one or both sessions.

Photo Credit:  Sarah Killingsworth