Camper Registration

Early Registration: Returning Youth Sailing Member Registration opens on January 3rd

If you are a returning Member and did not receive an email invitation on January 3rd to register early, please contact <>

Open Registration: January 15th through January 31st

Late Registration: from February 1st to May 31st



Session One: Monday, June 24 to Friday, July 12th (4th of July off) - CLOSED

Session Two: Tuesday, July 16 to Friday, August 2nd - CLOSED

Youth Sailing Regatta TBD

Enrollment Fee: TBD

Financial aid is available for qualifying households.  Please indicate your interest when you register.


Camp enrollment is NOT on a first-come, first-served basis until the Late Registration period begins on February 1st.  

NOTE: Regardless of when an applicant registers, they will be placed on the Waitlist until a final enrollment decision is made.

Please read about the process and policy below to understand how registration and enrollment work.



     a. Early Registration, January 3rd to January 15th: Returning member sailors (and siblings) will be offered space in the program in the first two weeks of January, generally beginning on the first business day of January.   Returning member families will receive an invitation to register when this priority registration period is open.  After registering, every participant will be placed on waitlist.  Enrollment decisions will be emailed in mid-February.


     b. Open Registration, January 15th through January 31st: All others can register beginning January 15 starting at 7pm through January 31st.  To register, please click on the "Register Now" button above when open.  After registering, every participant will be placed on waitlist.  Enrollment decisions will be prioritized based on Membership tenure and prior program experience, as described below.  Enrollment decisions will be emailed in mid-February.

     c. Late Registration, from February 1st to May 31st: If there are any available openings after January 31st, then applicants will be enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis.   To register, please click on the "Register Now" button above when open.  After registering, every participant will be placed on waitlist.  Enrollment decisions will be emailed as soon as possible after registration.



   a.  Early and Open registration enrollment decisions will be emailed to applicants in mid-February. Those who apply during Open Registration who are not enrolled due to space limitations will remain on the waiting list in the order as determined by the priority criteria described below.  

   b. Late Registration applicants will generally hear back within a week.  If there is no available space, they will remain on the waitlist in the order applied.

   c. If your registration has been accepted, you will be emailed an invoice to pay the enrollment fee electronically.  No paper checks will be accepted.  You will also receive an email request to sign the waiver online.


Enrollment decisions are ultimately at the committee’s sole discretion.   The committee must balance age and skill levels so that full and safe utilization of the boats and staff are feasible.  However, the following guidelines will be utilized where possible:

   a.  Early Registration: Returning sailors of Club Member families (parents or grandparents) and their sibling(s) who register during Early Registration will be enrolled in the program, subject to space constraints.  It is highly unlikely that space constraints will prevent re-enrollment.   However, in the rare case this occurs, due to new sibling enrollment exceeding non-returning sibling enrollment, for example, then preference will be given to applicants whose sponsoring Parent or relative has been a member for a longer duration. Note: A returning sailor is a sailor who has participated in the program for at least one entire session in a prior year.

   b. Open Registration: Applicants will be prioritized using the criteria below:

       1. Returning sailors of Club Member families (parents or grandparents) and their sibling(s)

       2. New sailors of Club Member families, prioritized by seniority of membership

       3. Returning non-Member sailors, prioritized by tenure in the IYC Youth Sailing Program

       4. New non-member sailors

   c. Late Registration: Applicants who register during the Late Registration period will generally be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis, as space permits.   

Incomplete registrations after March 15th are grounds for the committee to unenroll the applicant(s).  A completed online application and electronically signed waiver, as well as payment of fees, are required for registration to be considered complete.  

Full or partial refunds are possible if an applicant wishes to withdraw their enrollment.  The following refund schedule will be used based on the date of enrollment withdrawal:

     - withdraw from camp by March 1 = full refund

     - withdraw from camp by April 1 = 50% refund

     - withdraw from camp by April 15 = 25% refund

     - withdraw from camp after April 15 = no refund

You can reach the Youth Sailing Registrar with any questions or concerns at <>

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